Frequently Asked Questions

I love your work! How do I book you? I have so many questions!
The first step is to request a quote. At that time, send me any questions you may have! I am happy to answer them!

The information you give me helps me to not only get to know you, but to give me the information necessary to get us moving in the direction of completing a contract.

A contract? 
Yes, I require a contract and a 50% retainer fee to book your wedding date. I book up quickly, especially in peak season! The contract serves to protect both of our interests. It guarantees that you receive, and that I perform, the services we agree upon.The fee serves to book me for the services to be rendered on the date of your wedding or event, and any other services we agree upon, to include a Bridal Trial or Bridal Portrait services, as well as cover the cost of travel, supplies, and time leading up to the date of your wedding or special event.

On my wedding day, do I come to you? Do you charge a site fee?
No! I work fully on-location. That means I come to you to apply your makeup and style your hair. 
I charge no additional fee for working on location.

Do you travel? 
I have a wide area that I cover. I work between Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL, (including the areas south of I-10 - the beaches!) for no additional travel fee. Outside of those areas, I base my travel fee on the size of your wedding party and surrounding bookings I may have. Please contact me to discuss this.

Will I be your only booking for the day?
Generally, yes. If you have a large bridal party, I will work with your party only. If I am working with the bride alone, I may book another bride who also wishes to have me do solely her hair and makeup. I do not double book if it will cause any pressure on any of the parties involved. 

Do you work alone? 
Yes, I do, for the most part. With larger parties, I will often bring my assistant, Emma, who facilitates the process. She works to clean brushes, organize supplies as I use them, and to hand me pins, hair tools, or makeup as needed. 

How many people can you work with in one day?
I can accommodate 8 people for both hair and makeup in one day, provided I have enough time. I have worked with as many as 10! 

How long does it take you to do hair and makeup?
It takes me approximately 1 hour to complete a combined service of makeup and basic hair styling or updo, per person. 
It takes me approximately 30-45 minutes to complete a single service either makeup or basic hair styling or updo, per person.

Prior to my arrival, the Bride, at her discretion, should decide the order and schedule of each client set to receive services. Each client should be ready and available 5 minutes prior to her start time with a clean face (no residual makeup) and clean, dry hair, depending on the services to be rendered.

Do you airbrush?
No. I achieve a smooth, lightweight finish with a variety of techniques that I cater to each client personally. 

I am a destination bride, do I need to have a trial?
Not necessarily! Many brides enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a bridal trial, but I am absolutely comfortable doing a trial within a service. If needed, I will apply your makeup and style your hair in steps, assuring that each step we take is something you love!

What brand of makeup do you use?
I use a wide variety of makeup! In 17 years, I've developed a long list of favorites, but that list is ever changing as I try new products (often on myself first!). 
I use mostly LORAC but I also use other brands:
The Balm
Bare Minerals
Bare Essentuals 
Sonia Kashuk

How long will my makeup last?
Your makeup should last 8-10 hours, easily. But remember, the less you touch your face, the better your makeup with wear.
I generally recommend that my brides invest in the lip color or gloss they will be wearing on their wedding day, and oil blotting papers if she is the type to get greasy or sweaty. 

What happens if I cry or sweat?
Most of the products I use are waterproof and water resistant, especially the eye makeup! You must remember to BLOT not WIPE! Dab your tears gently with a tissue. Blot your sweaty forehead with a tissue or oil blotting paper. This will prolong your makeup and keep it wearing evenly throughout the day.

I don't normally wear much makeup, will I look tacky or over done?
Never! I work very hard to ensure that each and every client looks and feels comfortable and natural. My goal is for you to look like your best self. While the makeup I apply may be darker or heavier than you are used to, in photographs, I guarantee you will look beautiful and put together. 

I am very happy to apply as little or as much makeup as each client prefers to wear. I have worked with women who preferred to wear no foundation at all (I don't wear foundation myself) and preferred a lightweight primer and powder only. I have also worked with women who preferred moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer,  highlight and contour, and powder. It is truly your personal preference. 

Are you comfortable with clients bringing in pictures for reference?
In short, yes. But I caution all of my clients to find reference pictures of subjects that have similar skin tones and hair textures to their own. As it is often difficult to gauge based on an isolated image, it is often a better plan to bring several images with specific features you like, while understanding that it is nearly impossible to achieve the exact look that an entirely different person has achieved. For instance, I can't achieve a big Elsa side braid on a client with shoulder-length, baby fine hair. I will work very hard to reach a look you absolutely LOVE and that flatters your features. 

I haven't decided how I want to wear my hair or makeup, can you help?
Absolutely! I often work with undecided clients and we achieve beautiful results - often it's a process that includes me asking various questions about your normal routine, and then working to flatter and emphasize your best features.